Stillwater Environmental, Inc. (SEI)was contracted by Anuvia Plant Nutrients, a company committed to creating innovative products for farmers, turf managers, and homeowners while providing an invaluable service to local communities and the environment, to construct a large berm along their eastern property boundary between the Anuvia plant and Shelley’s Environmental, Inc. to the east.  The project entailed designing, permitting, and constructing a berm 1000 feet long by 100 feet wide and 20 feet tall. The berm was constructed out of biosolids composted with wood chips, then fine dressed and seeded with Argentina bahia (Paspalum notatum) (approximately 101,000 square feet). The grow-in period took approximately 4 weeks with daily watering until the seeds were sprouted and routed.  Any areas where the seed didn’t take or were subject to washouts due to storms were reseeded. 

Following the successful completion of this berm, SEI was contracted to design, permit, and build another berm along the northern property boundary.  This berm was constructed out of soil excavated from the onsite stormwater management system. Following the design and permitting, the area where the berm was to be constructed was prepared as well as the route between the soil location and the area where the berm was to be constructed.  Following the construction of the berm the same fine dressing, seeding, and watering protocol that had occurred with the first berm was successfully initiated.