Survey Planning & Management

At Stillwater Environmental, our scientific and technical staff has extensive experience designing multi-disciplinary environmental survey plans with industry-standard methodologies that expedite regulatory approval for our clients. We offer our customers comprehensive survey planning and management, survey implementation, Geographic Information System (GIS), and scientific reporting.

  • Beach renourishment
  • Benthic impact assessments
  • Benthic mapping
  • Benthic surveys
  • Coastal impacts permitting and mitigation
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Environmental impact studies (EISs)
  • Fish surveys
  • Habitat evaluations
  • Hardbottom and coral reef assessments and monitoring
  • Ocean disposal of dredged material; and
    Offshore oil and gas environmental baseline surveys (EBS) and monitoring
  • Seagrass assessments and monitoring
  • Seagrass restoration

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